Fond Memories

My boys road this tricycle when they were little. Working from one of my photo’s I created this painting. This painting which I titled “Fond Memories” ended up selling. I contacted the buyer to thank them for purchasing one of my paintings. The purchaser shared this touching story and gave me permission to share it with everyone. Here are her words:
“Fond Memories” captured my heart as soon as I saw it. In 1942 when I was 3 years old my tricycle was taken for its metal and rubber for the manufacture of tanks for the war. I guess they were running out of steel etc.
It was the only possession I had at the time and I loved my tricycle. It was sapphire blue with “silver” fenders and I thought it was mine forever.
When I saw your wonderful painting I felt it had returned to me.

Hearing this story and how my painting touched someone made my day!!!