Hard Times

Acrylic on gallery style canvas.

Well, my story behind this painting started two years ago. My husband and I went for a drive to look at some used farm machinery that was up for sale. While driving down a small country road we came across this old boarded up abandoned farm house. I fell in love with it’s character and stopped to take a picture. I decided to paint this house for display at Scott Nicholson’s Fine Arts. I titled this piece “Hard Times”. Monday it went on display for the first time. Yesterday, out of the blue, I received a phone call from a nice gentleman. He proceeded to tell me that his Aunt and Uncle and 10 kids used to live in this small house. When they moved out of this house his parents made it their home. He and his brother along with his parents lived there until 1969. They had no running water. I can’t imagine just to have a bath they would have to haul water from an outside well and carry the water into the house and warm the water on the stove. After they were all done bathing they then would have to haul the dirty water back outside. I love hearing stories of the past and I love it even more when my art touches someone’s heart.

Size: 20 X 24

$440.00 - Local delivery in the Regina area available. Please contact Pauline for delivery options.